I love fall.  The cooler air, less rain, changing colors.  I love the high school football games, bonfires, porch time with no bugs.  The start of the holiday season with Halloween, Veterans day and Thanksgiving. Orange everywhere.  Plus I like the open the windows and clean out the house.  Yard sales abound. We need to make room for the Christmas tree.  Pumpkins everywhere. School starts for a fresh start.

Do we need a fall in our lives?  Cool down, take it easy.  Clean out some clutter.  Enjoy nature and connect with those we love.  It should be fall all year-long for our mental health. Don’t get too hot don’t get too busy. Play in a pile of leaves.  Go to a pumpkin patch. Have some apple cider from an orchard.  Try out some new sweaters and boots. Run through a corn maze. Attend a fall fair. Tailgate.

I can’t wait for Halloween to get here. I love the kids in costumes as I give them candy.  Why can’t we wear costumes at other times?  Why eat candy once a year?

I am not a big fan of candy corn, but I love pumpkin pie.  Why can’t I eat pumpkin pie in May? Drink apple cider in March.

Live your season when you want to.  Pumpkin lattes in June for all.