happy hanuchistkwanyear

It is that time of year when Christianity and political correctness collides.  I say merry Christmas.  If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope I don’t offend you.  You don’t have to celebrate Christmas.  No one is making you.  I kind of like the idea of Hanukkah and can spread out the fun for 8 days.   I have yet to meet anyone who celebrates Kwanzaa and I know lots of black people.  I asked some of them about Kwanzaa and they didn’t know.  I don’t celebrate winter solstice because I don’t know how.  I will celebrate any holiday that gets me out of work, involves fellowship, food, alcohol and naps.  I grew up with Santa Claus, presents, Christmas Eve service, sausage balls, ham, tinsel and rarely snow.   I got to be Mary in the church pageant at age 10 and the innkeeper in the high school musical version.  I don’t see the war on Christmas the way others do.  I see parking yourself in front of best buy at 4 am to beat someone’s ass over a TV as not very Christ like.  When did the buying of gifts and blatant capitalism  as worshipping Christ.  I don’t  see a Christmas tree on the town square as offending anyone.  Stick your festivus pole next to it.  I don’t care.  But on Christmas day, wish me a merry Christmas.  December 25 is Christmas, whether we celebrate it or not. If someone says happy martin luther king day, are you offended?  Hey Aryan nation, you get a paid day off from work, celebrate that.  Are we so wrapped up in ourselves that we have to expect everyone to know what holidays we celebrate?

Dialogue of a dumbass

Merry Christmas.  I don’t celebrate that.  Okay, have a nice day.  Why do you Christians assume that we celebrate Christmas because you do?  I don’t assume anything. It is Christmas day and I am having fun and hope your day that happens to fall on Christmas is merry and bright. It is December 25th.  In most of America, central America, south America, Europe, Australia, part of Africa, Asia, it is Christmas.  Are you in Saudi Arabia or Israel?  They don’t celebrate Christmas.  Look don’t wish me a merry Christmas.  It offends me.  Happy New Year then.  How do we know it is new year. We are using the Greco roman calendar forced on us after Christ allegedly died.  It might not be new year at all. Have a nice life, day, hour, minute or how ever you calculate the passing of your existence. Don’t tell me what kind of day to have.  Okay have whatever kind of existence you want.  I will pray for that. Don’t pray for me you sanctimonious bastard.   Don’t judge me.  Don’t put your values on me.

Okay I hope you have a lousy life and die.  I will not wish or pray for anything for you, but I am having a merry Christmas today. Thank you.