elections have consequences

1.) Wouldn’t it be nice to have a secretary of education that doesn’t want to defund public schools for not wanting to expose kids to a virus? Extra ppe, barriers between desks,  scattered entrance times, mixed curriculum,  extra bus routes, lunch in the classroom, maybe less pressure on the governors to open up just because. Betsy Devos the amway salesmen is Devoid.

2.)  The mail is more important than ever.  I have been ordering books and other items to go out less.  I loved the mail bringing me my stimulus check.

3.) Rural internet access is so important now. Virtual school can’t work without internet. Has anyone noticed that the internet is slower now?  Every one is on it.  Hello.

4.) I guess that wall isnt so important now.  I dont think the caravan is coming.  Covid closed the borders.  Divert wall money for PPE.

5.) Wouldnt insurance be good for tests and getting sick?  What preexisting conditions are going to happen that we wont be able to pay for treatment for? My daughter works at a place in south florida that made people come in and has a coworker that exposed two people to covid.  She has no insurance.

6.) The economy doesn’t work if people are too sick to go to work.  Sick people don’t spend money shopping, eating out or getting haircuts.  No sick leave means people go to work sick. No insurance means you wait until you get a treatment in the ER.  The hospitals are full enough.  Culling the work force with people who end up on disability for lung and heart issues doesn’t help the economy.

7.) No, I am not going to sacrifice myself, so my great grandkids can have a job in 15 years.  I have a few years left.

8.) The following people are on my list of covidiots:  Lt governor of TX for the grandparent comment, (won’t forgive him anytime soon), the Florida governor Destupid, (trumps boot licker should be his name) Betsy Devoid, Governor of Georgia, ( you could have had abrams, but no not the black one) Mike pence for not having a spine, Rand Paul for infecting the congress and he is a doctor, (his dad is a dumb ass too) Mitch Mcconnell, (KY vote mcgrath) Mike Mccarthy, Ted Cruz,  Korona Karens,  politicizing the wearing of a mask,  Governor Ducey of AZ,  fundamentalist preachers telling parishioners that they are washed in the blood and can’t catch it- come to church, tithe, get sick, go home.  You know who I mean.

9.) Kids catch the virus, kids die, kids get sick.  Kids infect others.  Ask the nurses at CHKD. Kids can’t keep away from each other.  Look at the schools quarantining all ready.

10) Don’t tell me you can’t mandate masks in school when you can measure a girls skirt and notice her spaghetti strap shirt.  Kids get dress code violations and detention daily. Please you are just too lazy to enforce it.  Just stop the bullshit.

11.) WWII we had ration coupons, blackouts, curfews, no one complained.  I didn’t hear it is against my liberty for the government to tell me when to turn my lights off.  We wear seat belts, get frisked at the airport and take off our shoes, put kids in car seats.  Live in an HOA.

12.)  The idiots that call the police on black and brown people for walking around.  Public property means public.  Public includes people that don’t look like you.

13.) It sucks that my passport won’t get me in any other country, because I might have corona cooties.

14.) God bless the post office.  I am voting absentee this year for the first time.

15.) Vote this year because your life may depend on it.  I have two parents in their 90s, a husband veteran with asbestos exposure, a daughter with lupus, a diabetic step daughter,  a stepson with a brain injury, 5 great grands, please wear a mask for them.  

Thank you.


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Opening Up

It is partisan.  if you live in a state with a Republican governor, then all is well nothing to see here. If you live in a state with a Democratic governor then, Armageddon is here.   The numbers don’t lie, but they can be distorted.  Until everyone is tested, then we don’t know who has it, has had it, and is immune. It has been shown that people packed together causes the most harm: packing plants, nursing homes, sporting events, large church services.  So it makes sense to limit such gatherings until the majority have been tested and we know how many people could get it.  People are not wanting to get tested because they don’t want to be quarantined if they have it.  So that means they would rather get it and spread it than find out.  What a selfish generation we have become. People are getting shot for asking people to wear a mask.  Just pretend it is Halloween and put the damn thing on.  The sooner we all play nice the sooner we all get to go out an play.

I remember when my daughter age 5 came home to announce the little boy who sat Next to her on the bus was out with the chicken pox.  I promptly called anyone that had come in contact with her to see if they had the chicken pox.  I had it as a child, so I was okay.  I tried to find someone to keep her 1 year old sister. Too late both children got the chicken pox.  5 years later my daughter got the shingles.  I can’t believe people try to get their kids sick with the chicken pox.  I had the damn things and it was awful.  My kids suffered.  Now they have a pox vaccine.  Dear God stop with the drama.  I don’t want to cram a bunch of kids in a room with covid to get the herd sick.  Not everyone survives and gets immunity.  You can catch a cold more than once.  No need for herds, just wear a mask.


covidiot- a person who acts irrationally over the pandemic.

They are everywhere.  An employee of Target got his arm broken for asking customers to follow the law and wear a mask. A security guard at dollar general was shot for making someone wear a mask or not go in the store. Protestors storm the capitols of Virginia, North Carolina and Michigan.  The Lt governor of texas wants to sacrifice old people for the economy. The Governor of Florida wants to open schools because kids dont die from it, in a state where 35% of the population is over 65.

What is the problem with wearing a mask?  Many people have face coverings at work. It isn’t tyranny to tell you how to dress.  Many estabalishments have dress codes. The same people are okay wtih making saggy pants illegal.  They say it is tyranny to dictate school lunches, but it isn’t to make food stamps good for certain foods that they approve of poor people eating.

There argument is they are healthy and shouldn’t be quarantined.  How do they know they are healthy is they didn’t take a test. They want a hair cut or a burger. Really you want people to die so you can get a hair cut during a quarantine when no one can see you anyway.  You can go to a drive thru for a burger.

The problem is the pandemic has been poiticized.  Many different opinions have been spun depending on the narrative. Science is being ignored.  The news is called fake.  Internet hoaxes abound. People do not discern fact from fiction.  It depends on if the teller was a Republican or a Democrat.  This is stupid and causing covidiot itis.

No one likes staying home, but it is necessary.  During ww2 their was rationing, cancelling of sports, curfews, black outs, shortages.  Factories forced to make war items.  Their was not complaining.  People bought war bonds, donated their personal scrap metal, denied themselves items and did it happily.  Those are patriots.  Protestors to open a store so they can have a burger over a quarantine for only a few weeks are not patriots.  They are covidiots.

Stay home. Wear a mask when you are out. Stop hoarding toilet paper. Develop hobbies, read a book.  Quit whining or bitching about it. You will get to go to church soon.  Don’t shake hands or pass a plate.  It isn’t about you.  We will be known as the generation of 2020, the selfish covidiots.  Maybe Satah Palin was right about death panels.  This is what we have when we are willing to sacrifice grandma so we can go to a crowded bar.

Another Trump Cure — Scotties Toy Box

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Covid/Corona/China whatever you call it

How to cope during quarantine

Don’t focus on what you can’t do, focus on what you can do. Gratitude attitude

I can spring clean my house.  Cleanliness is godliness.

I can reorganize my closet.  Organization and order

I can paint my house.         Fresh paint is clean.

I can garden.  Fresh food and herbs.  Flowers are beauty.

I can do crafts.    New hobbies and brain activity.

I can walk outside.    Exercise and weight loss.

I can reconnect with my husband.   Improved relationships.

I can learn new technology like Zoom.   Learning

I can read.    learning and enrichment

I am cooking more.   Better food and health.

I am learning how to use Amazon and Wayfair.

I am changing hygiene habits.    Cleanliness is next to godliness.

I select the time to shop and wear a mask.  Everyones hair looks bad and I don’t have to wear makeup.   I am eating up what is in my house and learning to entertain myself.  I have introduced my husband to Netflix movies.  We are walking a half mile or more a day together holding hands.  We are purging our house of unwanted items and rearranging our space.  We are donating items.  We are sanitizing our house.  When the quarantine is lifted no honey dos will be left.  We will be able to just enjoy our shiny new clean space. We can sit in the hot tub and drink wine and smell the flowers that I planted.  We are planning trips to places when we can.

I see people protesting, wanting to sacrifice the elderly and the unwell, complaining about their jobs, they can’t get a haircut or go to a bar.  I am actually saving money because I can’t do those things.  I am using new hair products and experimenting since no one will see me anyway.  I am enjoying my house. Stay home, save lives.

The governor eased restrictions on telehealth.  I am seeing patients over the phone.  It isn’t what I prefer, but I adapt.  At least I can keep my business open and make some money.  Gratitude in my attitude, Cleanliness is next to godliness. Improved relationships. 

I recovered from brain surgery I had two months ago.  I was already house bond before this happened.  I just go a clear brain MRI today.  My life will go on.  I can sit and bitch that I am better and can’t go anywhere or I can thank God that I am well and have a home to enjoy and family that loves me.  I choose the later.

Put your signs down.  Go home.  Enjoy your life. 

covid 19 lessons

We are all sitting at home looking at each other.  All the honey do projects are getting done.  The garage and closets cleaned out.  Boxes made for goodwill.  The Netflix queue depleted.  All the books read.  The yard starts to look better.  You wave at other neighbors you don’t know that are out and about.  You cook more.  You frequent the local restaurants take out to keep them open.  You check on old folks in your neighborhood.  That’s the good part.

There are people in dangerous situations where they cannot leave and their home is not a sanctuary from disease.  There are homeless that can’t shelter in place as they have no place. People aren’t getting needed services.  The OCD folks said I told you so as they try to wipe the germs away.  The paranoid view the masked people as evidence that the world is scary.  The depressed are more depressed and isolated.  The anxious are more anxious and afraid.  The ADHD do not have an outlet for their energy.  We do not have an end date yet.  Our usual stress outlets are closed, no sports, no beach, no library, no bar and not congregating at church.

What will we learn when this is over?  To smile at the essential personnel.  To thank a nurse.  That you don’t want to home school your kid after all.  To use technology more often to connect not isolate.  You will go out to eat.  You will speak to your neighbor.  You won’t miss worship services.  You will smile more now that your face is open.  You might sanitize your house a little more.  That handwashing habit sticks.  To appreciate your home and family or to change the situation you are in forever.

Then we get hurricane season in June.


The sky is falling!!  That is the opinion no matter which side wins.  The other side thinks they are going to lose something that their side gave them.   Giving each other  equality does not diminish.  You can believe that being gay is a sin and not be gay, but you don’t take away their civil rights.  In the case of white supremacy equality does take away your enhanced status.  Yet it does not make you a second class citizen.  It is the way it should have been.

Women have had the right to vote for 100 years.  My grandmothers were not born with that right.  They didn’t have a voice.  They were second class citizens.  Giving them the right to vote did not take away the mans right to vote.  We did not replace them.  We just got to participate in the party.

Christians are screaming that gay marriage offends them and because they don’t believe in it then it should stop.  The only way you are being persecuted is for soldiers are to bar the church, you are shot for praying or believing what you want.  If you don’t like gay, divorce, abortion, mixed marriage, etc then don’t do it.  You can tell other what you think of it, but you can’t discriminate.

If a pharmacist refuses to give me a prescription because it goes against his religion, then he is putting his religion as more worthy than mine.  If my religion says I can have it, then who wins?  No one is making him take it. No one is making me take it.

Elections matter.  VA swang to the left.  I think it was due to people feeling that the government was pushing religion onto people.  We don’t have a state religion and we never shall.  Vote your beliefs, but accept the results.

Give VA a chance.  Maybe the sky won’t fall with a minimum wage increase and some civil rights.  The ERA will pass the 38th state.  After 100 years of voting, we get the ERA passed.  Long overdue.


Will it keep them out.  The last time I checked people can be climbing, tunneling to get in.  I lived in Florida.  They came by boat.  They came by airplanes.   I 95 was the opioid highway for drugs. Polk county had lots of meth labs.  White people running amok.

The bigger issue is why are we so afraid of people from other places.  Unless we are native American, our family did not come from here.  We are all from somewhere else.  Every generation had their immigrants that no one liked.  My great great Grandfather James Doyle came here from Kerry Ireland. He did not have the money for passage.  He was in his early 20’s.  It is rumored that he and another male relative hid on the ship to get here during the potato famine.  He was found and worked his way for passage. He went through Ellis Island.  He tried to get work in New York and the signs in the windows said no dogs, no niggers, no Irish.  He ended up in Virginia.  He married a local girl and had 8 children.  His obituary said that he had an Irish brogue until the day he died.

The Titanic was another example of how certain people were not getting first crack at getting on the boats, because some people think they are more deserving than other people based on superficial criteria: race, gender, wealth, religion, ethnicity.

Now it is Hispanics and Arabs that we are terrified of.  We have white people calling the cops on black people doing ordinary things.  Why are we so afraid?  The rash of mass shootings have been by white males of a certain age with big guns.  What are we doing to address this?  Nothing.  Why?  Because we don’t think it is a systemic problem if they look like us.  We don’t want to think that people that look like us can do such heinous things.

We build a wall and think we are safe.  Were we safe on 911?  Were we safe at Pearl Harbor?  Walls and guns don’t make us safe.  They give us a false sense of security.  Understanding your fellow man, learning about other cultures, helping your neighbor, trusting in God makes you safe. We build the wall and brown people still come here.  Then what? What will make us feel safe?

I don’t want to be on the phone and some black person thinks I am calling the police on them.  I don’ t want children of other races to not look me in the eye because they don’t want to upset me.  I don’t want people to think I am racist, because I am a white female over the age of 50.  How do we bridge the gap of understanding between cultures?

How do we feel safe with each other?