A to Z coping strategy

Diane Webb fellow blogger suggests using each letter of the alphabet to list something you are grateful for right now.  My list.

A- applesauce

B- Bella and Be Be my dogs and Beverly my daughter

C- church

D- David my Dad and David my husband ( 2 people)

E- electricity

F- French fried


H- the Hauers my new family

I- ice cream (duh)

J- jelly

K- klutzs

L- Lauren

M- music

N- noise (it means I can hear)

O- oolong tea

P- pizza

Q- questions

R- rest

S- salvation

T- teachers

U- universal love

V-Virginia my state

W- words

X- extraordinary life

Y- yarn to knit

Z- zest for living

You try it.




I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs.  Dogs are intuitive and protective. If my lab didn’t like you then I don’t either. Dogs are unconditional love. I can smell bad have a bad hair day they love me.

My girls Bella and be be are my shadows.   Bella is a rescue harrier. She passed from home to home. Now she has a home.

Bebe was my husbands late wife’s dog.   Poor pup needed a mama. Now she has a mama.  It only takes 5 minutes to love a dog. That first look,lick, paw swipe. My girls.

Animal cruelty is one of the first signs of severe pathology. To hurt those that can’t speak out. They cant fight back. They trust their owners.