Affluenza teen

Ethan Couch barely got 2 years in jail, not prison.  If it were you or me, and we killed 4 people and injured others drunk off our ass and under age to drink, we would not have been given probation.  If we ran to Mexico to avoid violating the terms of our probation, we would not get 4 180 day sentences.  We have people doing 10 years for smoking pot.  Imagine if Ethan was black.  He couldn’t use the affluenza defense, but no one uses the “ghetto defense”.  If you are too rich to know right from wrong, why can’t you be too poor to know right from wrong?  Surely his parents wealth could have provided the best schools with the best peers, counselors, enrichment activities.  The poor ghetto kid seeing crime in the front yard and no enrichment program to go to and a lousy school.  He may get counseling if his parent has medicaid and he can find a counselor to take it and has a way to get there.

His mom faces 10 years.  I hope she serves every day.She took her son to Mexico.  She planned it and paid for it. Just so he wouldn’t do a few days in jail.  Why didn’t she run him to mexico to a treatment center when he was underage and drinking? No that would have been the responsible thing to do.