Sultry summer time stand your ground

Why does summer bring out all the crazies?  Florida had another shooting of an unarmed person.  Stand your ground.  So now if someone touches me I can kill them.  Are we so afraid of everyone?  What happened to an old fashioned fist fight, and be done with it?   Now we can start a fight and when we are losing state how afraid we are and kill someone?  If you were so afraid of the person why did you start the fight in the first place.  You just walk up to people cars and start yelling.  Why wasn’t she afraid of a big man yelling at her and her kids?  Omg repeal that law.

I used to live a mile from that area.  Sunset Point was a quiet well traveled road.  Not much excitement.  If I was living there, I would be marching too.  There are two bars on the corner and I am sure some shoving has taken place.  Shove and shoot.  If I see George Zimmerman can I shoot him, he scares me. I am scared of him and fear for my life.  Justifiable homicide.  I am standing my ground.

This law is going to have consequences.  Innocent people are going to be killed because they look a certain way and people are afraid of them.  Can I shoot my ex husband?  He beat me and I am afraid of him.  Do I bait him to yell at me and I claim he is going to kill me and shoot him?

Oh wait that doesn’t apply in domestic abuse.  You can’t shoot your batterer even if you are afraid of him.


More shootings

When is it going to end?  More untreated mental illness, societal ills and anger.  Some attacks are by terrorists, disgruntled people, racists, deranged, etc. Our government does nothing. They talk about declaring war on ISIS, asking for prayers, moments of silence, vigils, constant news coverage with opinions.  hashtags # blue livematter, #all lives matter, #blacklives matter.  Politicians chiming in on what they would do if they were in power.  The NRA declares better and more guns would solve the problem.  If police lives matter, you wouldn’t give guns to civilians that have repeating rounds.  If black lives matter, you wouldn’t call to hang president obama or call black people thugs.  If all lives matter, you wouldn’t dimish the deaths with an I’ll pray for you.  No one ever said only black lives matter.  We are acutely aware that black gangs kill each other.  The difference is- if Tyrone kills Damone in the street, Tyrone is apprehended and prosecuted.  No one mentions anything disparaging about Damones past or if he smoked a joint in 2014.  If Damone is shot by a white or a cop, they dig into his past to justify it.  They run his name through the mud.  They find every excuse, mental illness, feared for their life,etc for the shooter who may or may not go to trial. Thats what it is about accountability.  If I shoot someone, even in self defense, they should at least look into it.  Anyone can say I am afraid and I thought he had a gun.  Who can challenge it?  Dead men tell no tales.  When they don’t find a gun, oh they reached in their pocket.  I thought they were going for a gun.  There hands were up, well they reached for something and then put them up.  Cops have tasers, clubs, cars, and many weapons at their disposal.  Why is the gun the first choice to solve any problem?  I don’t think all lives matter, or we wouldn’t be so quick to choose a gun to solve a problem. I want my own hashtag.  #Anne for peace.

Gun crime

Not a usual day at the office.  My client comes in. ” I got shot Tuesday” and holds up his shirt to show me a big bandage on his back.  He is 18.  He was riding a bike at 8 pm with a friend.  It was a drive by.  He saw 3 guys but can’t identify them.  Too dark, too fast, he was running.  The bullet just missed his spine.  He is having some PTSD symptoms.  I had the usual talk about choices and safety.  You go where your friends go. His Medicaid has ran out.  How is he going to pay his big medical bill?  He is on probation so he didn’t have a gun to protect himself.  What good would it have done two kids shooting each other like the ok corral?

What is the answer?  Black lives Matter.  Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse when they shoot each other?  Does it only hurt when the shooter is white?  Stop the madness.  I want to get off.