Out of control or poor parenting.

I watched a you tube video that has been circulating of a Mom driving a car with a child in the back around 11 or 12 years old.  The passenger was videotaping his major tantrum.  The kid was kicking the seat, screaming at his mom to take him home.  He pulled his Mom’s hair and tried to touch the steering wheel.  The Mom explained he could not go home because of no adult supervision.  He continued to act out and escalated.  She grounded him several times and he screamed no.  He did not appear to calm down.  Many people commented on what to do and what he had.  Some gave excuses for his behavior and he needed medication.  Others blamed the Mom for being too permissive.  Some suggested to beat his behind.  Others suggested psychiatric interventions.  It was obvious that he has some for of oppositional defiance.  He did not need medication.  He knew exactly what he was doing and did not care.  This is not a case of isolated behaviors.  No one seemed concerned that he was in a moving car trying to take control of the wheel and why didn’t the Mom stop the car.  Was this behavior so typical for him that she just kept driving figuring that he would shut up eventually?  Why was the passenger videotaping and not trying to intervene?  The kid made a few snide remarks to the passenger.  Other people suggested that if the Mother was black she would have handled it better.  So that brings to the question do people parent differently due to their culture and race?  A child was out of control in a moving car that could have crashed and injured and killed people.  If it was my kid, the car would have sat with the ignition off until the child calmed down or I would have called the police.  Children need to learn that parents are in charge and to be safe.  He wasn’t safe and he didn’t care.  So are kids today any different than 20 years ago?