Snow day

I am working today, even with the snow outside. My clients come in cold, but glad I am open.  What I would like to do on a snow day?  Look outside at the snow, drinking cocoa or hot cider.  Watch happy kids with no school playing outside.  Take a nap next to a fire.

The other side of a snow day.  If you are homeless and can’t get any heat, the snow is scary.  Where can you lay where you won’t be covered in snow?  How do you keep your clothes dry?  No place to heat any cocoa and no fire.  The walk to the shelter is long and you can easily slip and fall.  You might not have the warmest of clothes or boots. That beautiful white scene becomes scary ice to navigate.

While we sit all cozy and warm, think about those less fortunate.  The house has no heat or they ran out of firewood.  The electricity is turned off.  Ran out of food and no way to get any right now.