As usual I wait to respond so I am not using raw emotion. I live 170 miles from Charlottesville Va.  I know people that went to UVA or have kids their now.  Eyewitness acounts do not match the news narrative.  Athletes had show up early to practice before school started and ended up locked in with their coaches Friday night.  The permit was for Saturday at noon.  Racists were yelling outside of a synagogue Friday night.  They had to leave out the back to avoid confrontation.

Saturday many groups invaded Charlottesville with agendas of their own.  I don’t know if they were paid.  But Charlottesville is pretty liberal and I can’t imagine them liking Nazis walking through town yelling anti semitic chants.  What do you think is going to happen when you do that?

My Father, 3 Uncles and some cousins went to WW2 to fight Japs and nazi’s.  My Father voted for Trump.  I asked him how he feels now and he can’t answer me.  He doesn’t associate the current events with fighting nazi’s in WW2.  I guess he thinks they are different Nazis.

Someone in his county had their house tagged. They were black in a mainly white senior community.  He has a black friend down the street.  Again he thinks it is isolated.  Stuff happens.

2016 brought on a lot of changes.  Trump can’t be blamed for all of it  These people have always been here.  Now for some reason they think they can come into the light and are not afraid.

I fail to see how they correlate confederate statues with nazis.  They were almost 70 yeara apart and don’t represent the same thing. Seems to me they are taking the confederate cause as a reason to show up and show their ass.  They claim to protect history.  There are over 200 confederate monuments in VA.  How many historical monuments to the native americans, hispanics, asians, and blacks are their in VA? Also how many statues of women historical figures.  Shouldn’t all of history be portrayed, not just the parts that agree with your narrative.


White supremacy

Really, it is 2016.  How could anyone over the age of 6 not know who are the KKK ?  Why do we think in 2016 that any race needs to be superior?  What can we gain by that?  I am white.  I am not supreme.  Only God is supreme and please don’t insult my intelligence by saying God is white.  Spirits do not have colors.  We need to be a nation united.  Jesse Owens kicked white supremacy in the ass in 1938.  Almost 80 years ago.  Why are we still fighting this battle?

If I was running for political office and David Duke told people to vote for me because I was white and to preserve their white heritage.  I would quickly deny and decline his endorsement.  Do not like me or vote for me because of my race.  I have Irish, English, native American and French heritage.  I do not consider myself an Anglo Saxon protestant.  I have Catholic heritage, Cherokee heritage and was raised Protestant.  I cannot be defined by the color of my skin.

White by definition is the combination of all colors and black is the absence of all colors.  So who are the colored people.  The white ones. Jesus the white Lord and savior was a Hebrew from Palestine.  I don’t think he was white as we know it today.

I decline any endorsements from the Aryan Nation, KKK, white power or any other movements that promote me as supreme.   God is supreme.  God is love of his creation.

Take your hatred and go.