Football season is among us!!

I used to really enjoy football as a kid.  It was bonding time with Dad. The game was simple and pure. No scandals and you could look up at the players.  You picked a team and studied the players.  On game day you routed and cheered win or lose. On Friday night you went to the game and then to Burger King afterwards to continue to trash talk.

Now they have large security at high school football games.  You can’t walk the sidelines anymore.  You have to have your purse searched.

The role models are now getting arrested for rape, murder, theft, gun charges, drugs.  The colleges are giving date rape a pass if it is a football player.  Your tuition money goes for a big stadium.  Coaches in college are paid millions.

They have taken the fun out of the game now.  Wearing your team colors can start a fight.  Money is wagered on a game making it a real big deal if you lose.

Entitlement mentality.  One player actually was upset that he had to go to class.  He thought he was just there to play football.  Doesn’t academic eligibility mean anything anymore?  You are enrolled in college and will get a debt free college education.  You should be grateful for the privilege to represent your school.

If you play in the NFL you should be proud that you make more in one year than most will make in a lifetime.  Yet you squander it on drugs, beat your wife, fight dogs, run around with guns, like you still live in the hood.  When much is given, much is expected.

The colleges and the NFL need to have a zero tolerance policy for thug behavior.  You fail a drug test you are off the team.  You get arrested you can’t play until you are acquitted.  Rape on campus needs to taken seriously.  Most girls do not make it up.  Plus the players need to not be drinking and carrying on.  They are in training for a sport.  Don’t put yourself in situations that can lead to accusations.  You are being watched.  You are on a scholarship representing your school.  Don’t be stupid.  You get paid millions to play football, you can’t wait ten years to smoke pot and act like a fool.

I want to enjoy the sport of football again.  I don’t want to see my favorite player in the news with a murder charge.  I don’t want to watch ESPN about deflated balls, inflated egos, and cheating.