Trump protestors

You give the rhetoric and someone gets it back. Now we have white people protesting him. Then it gets attention.  Why can’t you protest a candidate and disagree? I saw a Hispanic holding a sign that says we are not rapists. You tell people to punch protesters in the face. It is bound to enflame people. What if I protest you are going to hit me?  Non violent protesters are being culcocked. Condemn it.



White supremacy

Really, it is 2016.  How could anyone over the age of 6 not know who are the KKK ?  Why do we think in 2016 that any race needs to be superior?  What can we gain by that?  I am white.  I am not supreme.  Only God is supreme and please don’t insult my intelligence by saying God is white.  Spirits do not have colors.  We need to be a nation united.  Jesse Owens kicked white supremacy in the ass in 1938.  Almost 80 years ago.  Why are we still fighting this battle?

If I was running for political office and David Duke told people to vote for me because I was white and to preserve their white heritage.  I would quickly deny and decline his endorsement.  Do not like me or vote for me because of my race.  I have Irish, English, native American and French heritage.  I do not consider myself an Anglo Saxon protestant.  I have Catholic heritage, Cherokee heritage and was raised Protestant.  I cannot be defined by the color of my skin.

White by definition is the combination of all colors and black is the absence of all colors.  So who are the colored people.  The white ones. Jesus the white Lord and savior was a Hebrew from Palestine.  I don’t think he was white as we know it today.

I decline any endorsements from the Aryan Nation, KKK, white power or any other movements that promote me as supreme.   God is supreme.  God is love of his creation.

Take your hatred and go.

Super Tuesday not so super

I was watching the results of super Tuesday and kicking myself for doing it.  Everyone is claiming to be Americas choice and savior.  I noticed that my state; the state of Monroe, Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Wilson, Tyler, Taylor and Harrison picked Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The Presidents who railed against political parties, gave woman suffrage, formed the constitution to separate church and state.  They created the Monroe Doctrine, the declaration of independence and the bill of rights.  This is what they have chosen to represent out state.

I hate to tell Donald Trump but my Irish great great Grandfather hid on a boat to come here from Ireland to keep from starving.  He didn’t have a passport or a visa.  He was treated like crap in New York and migrated to the mountains of VA to remain and impoverished laborer his whole life. He married a local woman and had 8 children, one was my great grandfather.  He was not a rapist or a drug dealer.

I have relatives that did Loftin Walton, Great Grandpa wiggington, Robert bohon, and a bishop.  Two died leaving widows and numerous children. That war was the worst in our nation and we still suffer from it.  I look at statues for the confederate dead with mixed feelings.  They fought for a cause that was wrong with slavery, but correct in terms of states rights. They fought for Virginia.

I remember tales of my mountain relatives working along side the negro trying to survive and they all helped each other.  They didn’t need food stamps and grew their own food and shared with others.

My Father, my uncle and my husband are veterans and gun owners.  We hardly are what you would call extremists, richies, bigots.  We don’t have to take our gun to chipotle or Walmart to show how patriotic we are to others.  Their service and actions show that, not a gun.  And by the way, Obama hasn’t come for them and never will.

My Grandpa Doyle was my favorite human being on earth.  He was a lifelong union democrat.  He would argue politics with his republican sons.  I grew up in a house where woman could speak their mind.  I was college educated and it was encouraged that I do so.  I remember taking my grandma to vote and we each voted for a separate candidate.  Everyone discussed points of view and got along.   My Grandpa had black people in his house when it wasn’t cool.  He worked for the rail road and thought Jim Crow laws were stupid as he had to separate the passengers when they left WV into VA.  He loved JFK and thought his death was the greatest tragedy of his life. He worked his ass off from a small child until he was 72 years old.  Yet, he didn’t begrudge people being poor and getting help.  He helped many of his poor relatives, his church without complaint.  He sent nephews and nieces to college. He died a man with money in the bank and his funeral at the age of 93 was standing room only.

I wish I could ask him about the candidates running for president and get his take on it.  I guess he would be a Hillary supporter since he is a Democrat.  Yet I am not sure he would like a woman president.  He would not like Donald Trump because he is a Yankee.  He tended to prefer people that worked hard, not behind desks.  He didn’t like racists.  He also told me his Mother died from having too many children.  He would have thought the crap about birth control was stupid.  He lost his mother when he was 12, when she and her 9th child died together.  He attributed too many kids to poverty.  He only had two children, because he didn’t want to lose my grandma to childbirth.  They were married 59 years.  He wouldn’t have liked candidates that were divorced.  That was a moral failing to him to not keep your wife happy and not to cherish her.  He read the Bible every day for 53 years.  He would not recognize who we call Christians today. I am quite sure he would be for immigration.  His Mother was part Cherokee. He was very family oriented.  He talked about Ireland fondly, even though he never went there.  It was a part of him.

He would not like all the debates with yelling and name calling.  Men act like gentleman.  He always wore a hat and tipped it to a lady.  He could get the point across without  being an asshole.  He never had a gun that I knew of, but I also know anyone that would have crossed him.  When the blacks moved into his neighborhood, he was the last white to move out.  He didn’t see why he had to move, just because some black folks moved in.  He made friends with them.  He eventually had to move because the neighborhood became dangerous.  He missed his house and called the owners every day until he died to check  on it.

I cannot vote for any of the Republican candidate right now.  They are too extreme for me. I don’t think walls will keep anyone out of our country.  I don’t think corporations are people and they aren’t a religion.  Gay people are not the enemy and big government interventions in my bedroom are not needed. I don’t want to hear someone’s religious testimony at a political rally. I don’t care about your religion to govern me.



The fear is ramped up

I feel for the citizens of Paris.   We have had many episodes on our soil in the past few years.  But none of them were from Muslims.  They were white men with guns.  They are not being profiled.  The churches they go to are not being burned or threatened with closure.  We have a violence problem in the world.  Many countries have had civil wars for decades and governments change hands all the time.  We are only concerned if the perpetrators are non white and the country is like us.  What did we do when Rwanda was having genocide? Nothing. What troops did we send? None.  When Tibet was under siege, how did we help? No. When blacks were gunned down in Charleston, did we increase security to black churches? No. When the theatre was shot up in Aurora, did we install metal detectors and have police guards?  No.  Did we do anything about the mental illness problem in our country and the easy access to guns?  No.  Muslim extremists shoot up Paris and we violate the civil liberties of American citizens, who happen to be Muslim. Politicians want to close their churches and monitor them. What about Westboro Baptist church picketing military funerals?  Are they monitored or forced to close?  No.  They have the protection of the bill of rights.  All churches, synagogues, mosques, temples have the same rights.  My daughter has an Iranian boyfriend, who is not Muslim, but he looks Arabic.  I fear for her and how she will be treated.  If she marries him, she will have a Middle Eastern last name and so will my Grandchildren.  How will they be treated?  Will I be followed because I have a connection to an Iranian?  Where does it stop?  Preachers have gotten on you tube and threatened the Presidents life, told people to do violent acts and nothing was done.  Extremists of any religion are dangerous. We can’t just pick and choose. We are startinh to quote from the Hitler playbook.  Blame one set of people and get rid of them then all of our problems will be solved. AND I DON’T LIKE IT!!!

So if we send all the Muslims away, the white crazies will still shoot up places.  Then who do we blame.

It is never people who look like us.

Racism and bigotry make me sad.

The triad of healing
The triad of healing

As a mental health provider many news items upset me and I usually try not to watch the news. People don’t make ratings talking about good news and happy thoughts. The two items that have me upset are the shootings in the church in Charleston and businesses refusing to serve gay people. The safety of your world is threatened when a sanctuary, a church is attacked. Yet in this instance, the shooter was raised in a church, my denomination by a two parent home. Not once has he been called a thug, but mentally ill. I challenge the thought that racism is a mental illness. I will buy that it is a mental condition but not an illness. He targeted black people after he prayed with them. Will I continue to accept strangers in my church, yes. Will I carry a gun? No. The town of Charleston schooled us in class and forgiveness. Why have all the mass shooters been white males under the age of 25? Yet we remain scared of black men who aren’t shooting up theatres, schools, churches and blowing up things. As a practitioner, my practice will see any patient regardless of sexual orientation. I do not cure homosexual behavior. It is not a disease. It is not contagious. Whether you feel gay marriage or behavior is right or wrong, is not the issue. All people are treated equal. How many marriage licenses have been issues to fornicators, adulterers, divorcees, gluttons, drunks, liars and other sinners. God doesn’t rate sin. If we don’t do for one, we don’t do for anyone. I welcome those that are depressed, hurting, manic, grieving, or addicted. I don’t want to be sad anymore. Can we make the bigotry stop.