The fear is ramped up

I feel for the citizens of Paris.   We have had many episodes on our soil in the past few years.  But none of them were from Muslims.  They were white men with guns.  They are not being profiled.  The churches they go to are not being burned or threatened with closure.  We have a violence problem in the world.  Many countries have had civil wars for decades and governments change hands all the time.  We are only concerned if the perpetrators are non white and the country is like us.  What did we do when Rwanda was having genocide? Nothing. What troops did we send? None.  When Tibet was under siege, how did we help? No. When blacks were gunned down in Charleston, did we increase security to black churches? No. When the theatre was shot up in Aurora, did we install metal detectors and have police guards?  No.  Did we do anything about the mental illness problem in our country and the easy access to guns?  No.  Muslim extremists shoot up Paris and we violate the civil liberties of American citizens, who happen to be Muslim. Politicians want to close their churches and monitor them. What about Westboro Baptist church picketing military funerals?  Are they monitored or forced to close?  No.  They have the protection of the bill of rights.  All churches, synagogues, mosques, temples have the same rights.  My daughter has an Iranian boyfriend, who is not Muslim, but he looks Arabic.  I fear for her and how she will be treated.  If she marries him, she will have a Middle Eastern last name and so will my Grandchildren.  How will they be treated?  Will I be followed because I have a connection to an Iranian?  Where does it stop?  Preachers have gotten on you tube and threatened the Presidents life, told people to do violent acts and nothing was done.  Extremists of any religion are dangerous. We can’t just pick and choose. We are startinh to quote from the Hitler playbook.  Blame one set of people and get rid of them then all of our problems will be solved. AND I DON’T LIKE IT!!!

So if we send all the Muslims away, the white crazies will still shoot up places.  Then who do we blame.

It is never people who look like us.