Oh the upsets.  Kentucky has been defeated.  Who is Middle Tennessee that beat Michigan State?  Geograhically can you even find middle tennessee?  The sweet 16 is being formed.  I predict the year of the upset. We even had Hawaii in the tournament.

The sweet 16 are Kansas, Maryland, Miami, Villanova, Oregan, Duke, Texas A & M, Unc, Indiana, Norte Dame, Wisconsin, UVA, Iowa State, Gonzaga, and Syracuse. Iowa was beaten by Villanova.  Two teams from Iowa.  cornfields not basketball.   Oregan is not about football this year.  The usual contenders Duke, Indiana, hoosier Daddy, UNC, Villanova and Gonzaga are in it to win it.  Three teams from VA were in Hampton, VCU and UVA.  UVA gets the crown.  Now the party school will have something to party about.

I predict the next upset and give you my elite 8.

Maryland, Villanova, Duke, Oklahoma, Indiana, Wisconsin, UVA and a toss up between Gonzaga and Syracuse.

Final 4 Villanova, Duke, Indiana, winner of the Gonzaga/Syracuse game.

I would love to see a Duke Indiana final.  coach K vs. The hoosiers.

I am still counseling my sobbing KY fans.  You had last year.