Your ID and insurance card.  Medical identity theft is a new event.  Your medical information needs to be protected, so we want to make sure it is you.  Also we want to call in your benefits, sometimes you have copays or deductibles you weren’t aware of.  Medicaid has been cancelled before.  A simple phone call makes it good for everyone.

Your medications or a list.  Knowing what you take helps with treatment.  Many mental health medications can tell me your diagnosis.

A list of doctors so that I can get the releases signed to obtain your medical records properly.  This helps with continuity of care.

An emergency contact so if something happens to you, we can call someone.

Your primary care doctor.

Your payment if needed.

Try to arrive a few minutes early for your first appointment so we can have you fill out your paperwork, check insurance and make copies.

Try to call 24 hours ahead of time if you need to reschedule.

Hope this helps.  Anne


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