Election 2016

Tomorrow we can finally rest.  We vote.  The candidates are scrambling around trying to convince us to vote for them.  Virginia is a swing state.  We are bombarded with calls, tv ads, and people going crazy.  We don’t have much early voting, so tomorrow will be a big day. I plan on going in the afternoon so the work people can go before and after and during lunch.

My husband and I reviewed our ballots for local officials and congress.  We do not have a senator election right now or governor.

I am watching several races.  Utah could be interesting as a third party candidate could actually take the electoral votes.  The Nevada senate race to replace Harry Reid, Vermont senate race and Illinois senate race.  I also am curious if Rubio is ousted from Florida by Patrick Murphy.

The millenials are in play more than ever.  A lot of elderly conservative voters from 2012 have died.  More hispanics that ever have registered to vote.  Woman are coming to the polls in mass.

Hope we all get along on Wednesday.


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