Positive psychology in the classroom.

Thriving Under Pressure


Why Positive Psychology?

“While traditional psychology focused its attention on pathology and problems, in the relatively new field of positive psychology, researchers strive to explore and understand the strengths of individuals and communities that contribute to their flourishing.” Psychology Guide.

Strengths first.

I am passionate about what positive psychology can do for students and educators in and out of the classroom. I teach people how to tackle problems head on by harnessing inherent resources and community support systems.

By first focusing on what is right, before examining what is wrong, individuals are motivated to move beyond, and in some cases, be transformed by their current limitations, history, and circumstances.


Balance is key.

Positive psychology is not about being happy all the time. No one can. And no one should. Unfortunately, articles about being positive can (at times) be taken too literally. (Maybe I should start adding a qualifier to my…

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