A Rape Survivor’s View of HB2 – Elaina – April 20th, 2016

I guess they need to go by the plumbing you have now not the plumbing you are born with.

One Year of Letters

2nd gradeA Rape Survivor’s View of HB2- Elaina Portugal

April 20th, 2016

Dear North Carolina,

There is so much wrong with your HB2. Aside from the whole transgender/public bathroom smoke screen, you’ve legislated a whole range of other discrimination. It is no longer possible for anyone in the state to file a discrimination suit based on race, nation of origin, gender, age, and LGBT status, not just transgender, within the state. Any act of discrimination by an employer based on these factors must now be taken to federal courts.

You’ve also jeopardized millions and millions of educational dollars that you can’t afford to lose by violating Title IX. The federal government has already said that schools cannot discriminate against transgender students, but yet you feel you have the authority to do so. You also declared that no jurisdiction can legally raise the minimum wage above what the state and federal government…

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