What I Learned Last Week


Here are a few things I discovered over the course of the past ten days or so.

…I learned that I really can be a gracious hostess, even in the middle of hypomania. Two of Will’s brothers and one of his sisters were here, and even though I was waaay overstimulated, I was able to subdue it for the most part and act like a rational human being. Which is why I’m resistant to screwing around with my meds, despite the fact that Sarah, my psych NP, wants me to at least think about trying lithium.

…I learned that I’ve been diagnosed bipolar 1 again. Twice, actually: once by Kathy, and once by Sarah. I suppose that means I should start believing it.

…I learned that if I’m feeling like I could jog all the way to Texas and back, I’d better double up on the Zyprexa for a night or two. (That’s per Sarah.)

…I learned that being greeted…

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One thought on “What I Learned Last Week

  1. In 2003, I went through a terrible crisis and had a so called psychotic disorder. At that time, I was a complete pot head and used to smoke from morning until night. I did it for two years. When I started hallucinating and hearing things, I was taken to a shrink who said I was psychotic. Later on, I had to see a psychiatrist who prescribed zyprexa – she said I had to be on medication for the rest of my life. I didn’t believe her. After about a year and a half, I quit zyprexa, which was causing me to have diarrhea and slowed down all my functions – also brain functions. I was a zombie. I started doing gardening with a friend, I began attending a yoga course and eliminate a few items from my diet.
    Today, I’m a very happy and healthy woman. I’ve learned to accept and love myself the way I am. I gave up all drugs, alcohol and whatever is detrimental for my body and mind. I understood the reason why I was smoking so much pot and once you have learned your lesson, never get back there again.
    The first step is to change your environment. Move to another city or even another country if you can. Take care of yourself and don’t forget to breathe in fresh air, have plenty of fresh fruit juice and green vegetables. Drink liters and liters of water. Play with animals and stay away from negative people. You will heal just as I did.
    Never give up!


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