OK, I get it, power corrupts, so…

Can't Medicate Life

http://www.americanthinker.com had several exceptional columns and blog pieces today, April 17, and advise readers to go there and read what appeals to you, and if not on April 17, go back to that date and read as there are too many links for me to give here.

But, the theme from many of them were not just about how power corrupts irregardless of country, culture, or society basis, but, how there are so many damn apologists and defenders of crap narrative that is just so obviously wrong and inherently damaging to the public at large, you have to wonder why these cretins defend the indefensible.

Is it ignorance?  Is it lazy cluelessness?  Is it just plain apathy and fear to voice dissent per potential consequences???

Or, is it veiled, if not overt complicity!?  It is probably a combination of the above, but, in the end, it is inappropriate, disingenuous, and…

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