9 Ways I empowered myself by someone else’s addiction

Great way to track codependency

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After being sober for many years, this is my Al-Anon summary. Hang with me because I am embarrassed by my lack of knowledge. There was a guy named Bill Wilson, who started an organization called Alcoholics Anonymous. He was married to a woman named Lois. This poor lady stayed by his side during his terrible drinking years. She started an organization called Al-Anon to help other people who were married to sick alcoholics. This was a good way for them to have their own meetings and not feel left out. The AA meetings were fun with lots of laughter; often times the attendees celebrated various achievements with cake and coffee. The Al-Anon meetings were serious and often sad, because they mostly complained about the alcoholics. There was nothing to celebrate.

v1.bTsxMTU2MjYzNjtqOzE3MDI5OzIwNDg7MzM2OzQ0OA There was a movie made about Lois Wilson.

My information was not very accurate …. this is what happened. When I first started dating my…

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