Coping with your own anger

Webb Wisdom

Here are some of the ways I cope with my anger and keep it from coming between me and others.  What are some of your strategies?  Please feel free to share in the comments.

  • I repeat to myself “anger boomerangs” and it’s worse when it comes back at me.  The consequences are very unpleasant and are not worth the brief benefit of telling someone what I think or expressing my anger in front of others.  I remember the last time I lashed out at someone in anger and remind myself that my relationship with that individual never fully recovered from the damage.
  • I do, however, acknowledge my anger (to myself) and look beyond the anger to uncover what’s driving it.  If I’m sad I stay with that feeling and try not to redirect it too quickly.  I spend a little time respecting the sadness while being very careful not to…

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