Recovery, Support and 12-Step Groups

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Let me clear up some confusion.  There are various names for similar recovery organizations. You might hear “self-help group” “support group” “12-step” or even “peer group”.  In the medical community they call it Mutual Aid Support. That sounds a little clunky to my ear, but okay, I can go with it.

What do these groups do?

These groups normally have a goal to provide help for people wanting long-term sobriety from addiction and alcohol.  The most well known organization is Alcoholics Anonymous. You can read more about that in my last article.  If that is not your thing, or if alcohol doesn’t apply to you, there are groups for people seeking all kinds of recovery. These groups can be for the addict or for their families and significant others. It’s very common for people to think of this as a form of “self-help” therapy. Personally, I think this can be a little misleading. That’s because most addicts (like…

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