Superbowl let down.

Old school vs. new school.  Defense wins championships.  Peyton wants to retire on top.  Cam needs to be humble.

Much drama played out.  50 hall of famers brought out on to the field.

When they had the first Superbowl I was 5.  I remember my Dad buying a color TV for the occasion.  My Mom had wanted a color tv for a long time and was mad that it took a football game to get one.  My Dad liked the superbowl with Joe Namath because he played for Alabama, his alma mater. The half time show was a college band.

Now at 55, it is a production with parties, special food, betting, sports bars, and some people getting special clothes.

I remember Joe Namath coming out on the field.  He looked old.  Then I remembered I am old, so he has to be at least 15 years older than me.  Some had to be shown on TV from their house.

Superbowl 100 I doubt I will see it.

Do they play football in heaven?



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