Happy New Year

2016 holds promise for me.  We are expecting two new great grandbabies 02/05/16 and  09/07/2016.  That is all we know for now.  We have two married child and grandchild, so anything can happen.  2016 year of the baby!!!

I am seeing many violent acts continuing and the election cycle of who sucks the most and how wonderful I am is continuing.  Psychology today had an excellent article about the election and how we are swayed by the wrong things. Alpha male traits, charisma, and making people believe you even when you lie.

I think I will knit baby booties, hats, blankets and concentrate on the babies.  Babies are new beginnings.  Babies are love.  Babies are genuine.  Babies make me happy.

I will vote for who I think will most help the future of our babies.


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