ICD10 codes and other changes.

For many years I happily used my DSM V book and many of the codes I had memorized. I could write ADHD 314.14.  anxiety 300.02.  Fast and easy.  October 1, 2015 the ICD codes made their entrance.  Nothing is memorized.  Now I have to look through the book and try to find it. Slowing me down. They have letters in it like algebra.  I hated algebra. The mental health word is always changing, new diagnosis, new medications, new codes.  Now Asperger’s has been changed to autism spectrum.  So if you have called yourself Asperger’s for twenty years, do you now call yourself a spectrum.

The best decision that I ever made was to hire someone to bill for me.  Therapists do not bill.  We learn theory, interventions, methodology, disorders, and other fun stuff.  We don’t learn office management, billing, how to argue with insurance companies, authorizations. We learn as we go, because we are too poor to hire people when we start.

Sometimes I wonder if they make changes just to print a new edition to a book, make themselves feel important, slow down the billing to slow down paying.  I will reluctantly memorize the new codes. Hopefully they won’t change before I retire.


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