A week without internet!!!

I did not grow up w computers. I was in my 40s when I instant messaged. We had a storm that knocked out our work internet. I didn’t realize how helpless I would become. I couldn’t electronically bill my claims. My clients wanted info and I couldn’t google. I needed directions no map. I wanted to email. Had to use my phone data. I couldn’t update the website, no blogging.  After 3 days I felt handicapped useless.  I couldn’t find a phone number. I couldn’t check bank statements or claim status. I couldn’t show my kid clients you tube videos. Day 5 I was using a hotspot and making not so nice phone calls to the internet provider. This from a person who used to camp for a week with no electronic devices.  I even had a day with no phone or fax.  How did they do business in 1970? Monday I came in w internet. You would have thought I won the lottery. I checked my portals like a weeks worth of information life or death was waiting for me there. I want to go back to composition notebooks pens and letter writing. My business did not close and the clients were served. Therapist lived w low tech. I read my clients a book gave them a handout talked had them draw.  I used my skills. I am tired. Please internet Dont go down again.


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