Where were you when the world stopped?

It was 15 years ago today.  Children born on 9/11 are 15 year old.  They didn’t see the towers fall or the planes hit.  Yet, their whole childhood has been about war., terror and fear.  The flags are at half mast today in remembrance.  Bells toll.  People have a moment of silence, a prayer.  There are spouses who were widowed that day.  There were orphaned children.  Whole companies lost every employee.  Survivor guilt is rampant. What can we do now 15 years later?  How can we make the world a better place for these children born on this eventful day?  Do we want to live in fear, paranoia, mistrustful of everyone who is not like us?

How do we combat evil?

Listen to that song Where were you when the world stopped turning b

Alan Jackson and say a prayer for peace.


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