Patience is a virtue

I applied to be credentialed with Humana on December 23, 2014, along with several other companies.  I am good at following through with things.  I called on 02/03/15, 02/17/15, 04/06/15, 04/29/15, 05/20/15, 07/06/15, 07/19/15, 08/06/15, 08/12/15, 08/24/15, 08/27/15, and 08/29/15.  I was told many times that it was escalated and a supervisor was contacted.  I was credentialed with everyone else by March 2015.  I was given on 08/24/15 an actual supervisor with extension to contact if I had not heard by the 26.  I have called her twice.  I also emailed provider relations many time; 02/03/15, 07/09/15, 08/07/15 and 08/24/15.  Counselors need to be on panels to attract customers.  I am getting 4 or 5 from each panel, which means that Humana is costing me business in that their customers cannot utilize my services.  The usual fee is 60 to 80 dollars an hour.  So you do the math, 4 customers at 60 is 240 a week, since march.  When do I lose my patience?  My husband tells me to not get them riled up because they will stall longer or not credential me at all. What if Humana customers live in my area and I am the closest practitioner?  Aren’t they denying client care at this point?  What should I do now that my patience has worn out?


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