The Beatitudes: Re-thinking Law Enforcement Officers & Race Relations

Fits some of my themes



I posted this picture on my Facebook account last week, which prompted a lot of pushback from a friend of mine who has worked as a police officer. The topic of our conversation, like many I’ve had with friends and acquaintences that currently or have worked as police officers, is their objection to the idea that there exists amass movement of police brutality toward African-Americans and other people of color across the country. They object to the idea that every single person who puts on the uniform is taught a way of doing their job that prejudiced and biased towards people of color, and that the law unilaterally protects them so they are free to commit such acts. My friend and many of the police officers I converse object to the idea that all cops are racist.

I would contend that perhaps the acts of violence themselves aren’t systemic, but…

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