Presidential candidates are not exciting me.

It isn’t even 2016 yet.  Yet, we are bombarded with candidates promising to change American and make it great again.  I always thought America was great. Some candidates stand out in front of the herd at the moment.  The issues that mean the most to me are mental health care, elderly care and financial stability for the poor, the middle class and the disabled.  So far the candidates are not focused on the issues of importance to me and what I believe is the most helpful for society.  Treating the mentally ill helps the person and society.  All the mass shooting have been by deranged or mentally ill young white men, who were not receiving help.

I have broken down some of the candidates that are at the top and their opinions on these issues.  Donald Trump is focused on throwing 11 million illegal aliens out of the country with no plan on how to pay for it, making fun of women and tax cuts for his friends.  He neglected to mention the illegals that work at his hotels and that he is on his third wife who isn’t even an American citizen.

Jeb Bush had an abysmal record of the mentally ill in Florida and cut the budget to draconian levels and made people like me working in community mental health centers overworked and underpaid and the population underserved.  His wanting to shame single mothers which constitutes most of my caseload is not helpful to their mental health.  Doesn’t he realize that they feel bad enough already?  I didn’t hear where he called Sarah Palin and told her to shame Bristol for having two illegitimate children.  I guess what he really means is poor single mothers.

Mario Rubio is new to the political scene. less dramatic on immigration, probably due to being a first generation American.  He too dislikes welfare and student help.

Hillary Clinton has been around the arena a long time.  She has not addressed mental health issues either, but does have a plan for student loan help.  She has her own issues to overcome.

Bernie Sanders is owned by no one, but he has no plan for mental health.  He is surging among the more left leaning Democrats.

Ted Cruz- I am waiting for Donald Trump to ask for his Canadian birth certificate.  If Obama was born in Kenya to an American mother and that makes him not a citizen, then how can Cruz be a citizen if he was born in Canada to an American mother.  If Cruz is allowed to run, then the birthers will have to acknowledge that Obama was eligible.  This will never happen. Ted Cruz wants others to not have the advantages that he afforded.  The I got mine but you can’t have it theory.

Paul Ryan received social security and student help and wants to deny it to others because we can’t afford it.  The I got mine but you can’t have it theory redo.

Scott Walker had the worst cuts to the poor and is on the raise social security to age 70 so you can die before you receive it.   He and Bush want the middle class to wait on the benefits they paid into their working lives.

The big picture is being missed.  The ones who can least afford it should not have to pay the most in taxes.  The mentally ill need treatment, even if we have to raise taxes to pay for it.  Grants can be given to treatment centers and clinics to treat people with no insurance.  The rent has to be paid and the doors open. This can answer some of the problems with mass shootings, suicidal and homeless veterans, children with behavioral problems, untreated alcoholism and substance abuse. None of these issues are victimless.  An abused child is at risk of abusing another child.  Alcoholism is a family disease.  Veterans have families that have to live with the symptoms of the veteran. Everyone can’t afford to go to a 14,000 treatment center.  The VA is backed up three months. Clinics prefer clients with insurance. The caseloads for indigent care are too high.  The next time you complain about the veteran waiting too long.  Remember you get what you pay for.  When your cousin is suicidal and there is no bed, don’t complain.  You get what you pay for. When their is a shooting in your town from a mentally ill teen, don’t blame the system that you pay for.  Be happy that your taxes are low and complain about gays ruining America while you clean your gun.

Research your candidates carefully. 2016 should be the year of mental stability and wellness, if we make it so. A goal for the new year NO MENTAL ILLNESS GOES UNTREATED.


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