How to navigate your husbands high school reunion

This should be fun.  I get to go to WV and hang out with the over 70 crowd.  My husband graduated before I was born, so I will be one of the younger ones there.  I am on Viagra alert.   Many older guys want a younger woman to carry on there arm.  I hate the term trophy wife.  I didn’t know Dave’s age when we met.  I had assumed he was younger because he was so personable, cool and up to date.  He thought I was older, (I am still not flattered that he thought I was 60). Yet I am sure someone with a little liquor in them will announce that Dave brought his trophy wife.  Keeping my mouth shut is not one of my strong suits. It is a long car ride home.  Maybe I can be entertained by someone throwing out a hip or something. We will be busting a move to In the Mood or Elvis. If they can play some Patsy Cline I might be okay with it.  I just hope I don’t have to pay to drink, because the first hand on my butt is going down.


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