Parenting class is coming!!

We are very excited.  Our parenting class starts September 12, 2015 @ Faith Lutheran Church @ 10 :00 am.  We can’t wait.  To serve the judicial court in Suffolk is an honor.  We go through a selection process.  Then we are trained and have to observe a parenting class.  Then we select an approved curriculum.  Then the court approves your location.  We are happy to be partnering with Faith Lutheran and Pastor Benson.  The space is very conducive to learning and has a great atmosphere.  The course selected is Two Parents: Two homes.  We try to appeal to all learning styles.  We have videos, role play, lecture, participation, games and a book to follow along that you can keep. Please sign up or tell your divorcing friends about it.  We are non judgmental and if you pay by cash or credit card you get your certificate right away.  Members of Faith Lutheran receive a 10% discount.

Call the office @ 757-398-3200 to sign up.

Thank you.  Anne Hauer


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