Another day another shooting

Now it is in Louisiana.  Every time their is a mass shooting the discussion about gun safety and mental health begins. Yet, it never goes beyond discussion. Bobby Jindal is having a discussion. I am a firm believer in sane people having guns to protect themselves.  I have to ask suicidal patients if they have a gun.  This does affect their second amendment rights.  If they have a gun and want to kill themselves, what is more important.  Letting them use their second amendment rights to shoot themselves in the head.  Telling parents to lock up or remove the gun until their child is stable.  If they refuse, what next?  I can put them in the hospital for 72 hours, then what?  They tell the doctor.  I am fine.  I won’t kill myself.  I was just kidding.  They get out.  The gun is still there.  How can we find psychiatric history in a background check and protect someone’s medical privacy?  We know people that can buy guns get guns for people who can’t buy guns.  The well meaning friend or relative that gets it for them.  “They have to drive through a rough neighborhood.”  They have a felony record for drugs,” but they never hurt anyone.”  “I taught them how to use a gun.”   Chris Kyle was killed at a gun range where everyone was packing.  More guns didn’t make him safe.  Having him know the mental status of the man he was helping and that a gun was not good for him to have would have saved his life.  You can’t tell by looking at someone if they are mentally ill.  Some with schizophrenia or severe depression may be more evident..  Most people don’t talk about their mental illness, due to embarrassment, stigma, etc.  Every shooting someone that was close to the person mentioned a problem, a comment about “something wasn’t right.”  Yet, they didn’t have the courage to tell someone take away their take away their weapons. Their friendship meant more than our public safety.  If you suspect someone needs help and they won’t get it and they have weapons, call someone; a suicide hotline, the cops, a therapist, a pastor, their parents.  You may save their life, your life or another innocent life.  Remember that people that have alcohol problems are more likely to use a gun on themselves, have an accident with the gun or shoot someone.Take away their gun until they get help.  No excuses.!!!


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