Parenting classes

I have been approved for parenting classes for divorcing parents.  Most people roll their eyes that they have to give up four hours to go to a stupid class about how to be divorced parents.  “My kids are fine.”  ” We have a good agreement.”  ” My ex is the problem why do I have to go.”

You do know your child and what is best for them.  What you do not know is how to parent that child as a divorced parent.  You won’t see the child every day.  You won’t have every holiday with him or her.  You will hear about how great it is at the other parents house. You will find out your ex has a new partner and your kid likes them.  You will not like things your other parent does and will want to voice your opinion. Your kids aren’t really asleep and do hear everything.  They know when you are mad, sad and upset.  They blame themselves.

“My parents are fighting about me, so it must be my fault.”

Go to your class with an open mind.  Your kids are worth it.


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