Racism and bigotry make me sad.

The triad of healing
The triad of healing

As a mental health provider many news items upset me and I usually try not to watch the news. People don’t make ratings talking about good news and happy thoughts. The two items that have me upset are the shootings in the church in Charleston and businesses refusing to serve gay people. The safety of your world is threatened when a sanctuary, a church is attacked. Yet in this instance, the shooter was raised in a church, my denomination by a two parent home. Not once has he been called a thug, but mentally ill. I challenge the thought that racism is a mental illness. I will buy that it is a mental condition but not an illness. He targeted black people after he prayed with them. Will I continue to accept strangers in my church, yes. Will I carry a gun? No. The town of Charleston schooled us in class and forgiveness. Why have all the mass shooters been white males under the age of 25? Yet we remain scared of black men who aren’t shooting up theatres, schools, churches and blowing up things. As a practitioner, my practice will see any patient regardless of sexual orientation. I do not cure homosexual behavior. It is not a disease. It is not contagious. Whether you feel gay marriage or behavior is right or wrong, is not the issue. All people are treated equal. How many marriage licenses have been issues to fornicators, adulterers, divorcees, gluttons, drunks, liars and other sinners. God doesn’t rate sin. If we don’t do for one, we don’t do for anyone. I welcome those that are depressed, hurting, manic, grieving, or addicted. I don’t want to be sad anymore. Can we make the bigotry stop.


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