My ramblings on recent crimes where mental health was used as a “defense”

I am Anne Hauer.  Now that Frasier is off the air, you need a new source of information. From a female point of view- stolen from In Living color, humor therapy.

Affluenza is not a disease.  You are not too rich to know that driving drunk and killing people is wrong.  You are a product of weak minded parents who can’t go old school and put some discipline on that child.  Your child is not your buddy or you boss.  Make them work and build character.

Football coaches, hello winning a game is not everything.  Put the punks on the bench and lose a game.  Throwing a ball, catching a ball, running a ball does not make you God.  Watch the second string step up.  That builds character too.

People who shoot kids in a car because the music is too loud.  Get ear plugs and remember you are not Rambo. Guns are for self defense not drama.

To the judge profiled on Nancy Grace last night.  You reduced the life sentence for a pedophile who raped and sodomized a three year old, because he didn’t go looking for her.  Hello!!! She is three.  IF a three year old arouses you, then you need to be where you can’t find any three year olds forever. You as a judge are too stupid to be deciding the lives of those in your judicial care.  Resign!

Affirmation of the day- people do what you allow them to do.  Change your reaction.

Peace and Love, Anne


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